Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Our reliable accelerometers are the vibration measurement products of choice for customers across many industries and applications to measure vibration, detect faults, collect trending data, find root cause of failure, and gain a greater understanding on the performance and condition of rotating machines and their components including bearings, gears, gearboxes, turbines and shafts before catastrophic failure occursBuy Product.

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-quality vibration monitoring products. Our solutions are at work in preventive maintenance and condition monitoring programs around the world. We design and manufacture a wide range of accelerometers, 4-20mA vibration transmitters and loop-powered sensors, velocity sensors, cable & connector assemblies, cementing pads and mounting studs, enclosures, handheld vibration meters and supportive instrumentation, and more. Our solutions are built to last, helping you effectively monitor rotating machinery in industrial, underwater and defense applications.

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