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Vibration Analysis

The vibration that is measured is analyzed in frequency spectrum, and as each frequency corresponds to cyclic event in the machine it allows our Condition Monitoring engineers to determine the potential cause of the vibration and fault source

Laser Alignment

Using laser-based alignment systems makes life so much easier for the maintenance professional, compared to using the traditional methods such as dials, straight edges.

On Site Balancing

The portable balancer is further proof of Vibration & Balancing Industrial’s committal to industry enabling us to diagnose and remedy vibration problems on-site, thereby eliminating the need for costly dismantling of machines, or the removal of fans or impellers, our company perform single – two & multi plane balancing for different equipment types: fans, blowers, […]

Turbo Machinery

Machinery diagnostics for turbo machinery faults such as unbalance, bent shaft, fluid instability, shaft cracks, rubbing and more using different types of machinery diagnostics tools and software, in addition to carrying out Run up and Run-down testing, Balancing, analysis using Polar, Bode, full spectrum cascade and shaft centre line plots.

ODS Analysis

On ODS analysis vibration data is measured at various points on the structure or machine in operation and the data mapped to a 3D computer model of the test structure, the animation allows examination of how the structure or its components are vibrating or moving. This motion may include flexing, bending, twisting or relative motion […]

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared it can catch moving targets in real time, can be used in mechanical and electrical applications.

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